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Captain America Trump and the Ousted League

Marine Le Pen
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Korea south

                      Park Geun-hye

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11th President of South Korea
In office
25 February 2013 – 10 March 2017[a]
Prime Minister Chung Hong-won
Lee Wan-koo
Choi Kyoung-hwan (acting)
Hwang Kyo-ahn
Preceded by Lee Myung-bak
Succeeded by Hwang Kyo-ahn (acting)
Leader of the Saenuri Party

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Meet the Trumps: the family tree of President-elect Donald Trump

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump is set to take office on Jan. 20, 2017. Here's a quick introduction to the members of the Trump family, soon to become one of the most powerful on the planet.


Melania Trump

Born: April 26, 1970
Relationship with Donald Trump: Third and present wife, married since 2005
A former model, she was born in Slovenia (then part of Yugoslavia) and moved to the U.S. in 1996. She has appeared on the covers of several magazines including Harper's Bazaar (Bulgaria), Ocean Drive, In Style Weddings and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She will assume the role of First Lady of the United States on Jan. 20, 2017.


Barron Trump

Born: March 20, 2006
Relationship with Donald Trump: Son, with Melania Trump
Presently attends the Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School in Manhattan, New York City. He will be the first son to live in the White House since John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1961.


Marla Maples

Born: Oct. 27, 1963
Relationship with Donald Trump: Second wife, married from 1993 to 1999
An actress by profession, she has appeared in films such as "Maximum Overdrive" (1986) and "Executive Decision" (1996). In 2016, Maples participated in the dance-reality TV show, “Dancing with the Stars.”


Tiffany Trump

Born: Oct. 13, 1993
Relationship with Donald Trump: Daughter, with Marla Maples
She has worked as an intern at Vogue magazine and modeled for an Andrew Warren fashion show during the New York Fashion Week in 2016. She also released a song titled “Like a Bird" in 2014 while attending the University of Pennsylvania.


Ivana Trump

Born: Feb. 20, 1949
Relationship with Donald Trump: First wife, married from 1977 to 1992
A former fashion model, she also tried her hand in writing, publishing books including “For Love Alone,” “Lucy Wilkins” and “Free to Love." After separating from Donald Trump, she developed her own line of beauty products, clothing and jewelry.

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Ivanka Trump

Born: Oct. 30, 1981
Relationship with Donald Trump: Daughter with Ivana Trump
Ivanka works alongside her two brothers as an Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization. She also helps take care of the company’s real estate and hotel deals.

Jared Kushner

Born: Jan. 10, 1981
Relationship with Donald Trump: Son-in-law, husband of Ivanka Trump
Principal owner of the real estate holding company Kushner Properties and media house Observer Media. Kushner married Ivanka on Oct. 25, 2009 and together they have a daughter Arabella Rose Kushner and two sons – Joseph Frederick Kushner and Theodore James Kushner.

Donald Trump Jr.

Born: Dec. 31, 1977
Relationship with Donald Trump: Son, with Ivana Trump
He works as one of the Executive Vice Presidents at The Trump Organization. Trump Jr. also helps in developing and company’s real estate, commercial, retail, hotel and golf interests in the U.S. and other countries.

Vanessa Trump

Born: Dec. 18, 1977
Relationship with Donald Trump: Daughter-in-law, wife of Donald Trump Jr.
A model by profession, Vanessa married Trump Jr. on Nov. 12, 2005. Together, they have two daughters – Kai Madison (pictured) and Chloe Sophia, and three sons – Donald John III, Tristan Milos and Spencer Frederick

Eric Trump

Born: Jan. 6, 1984
Relationship with Donald Trump: Son, with Ivana Trump
He works as an Executive Vice President of The Trump Organization along with his siblings Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. Eric is also in charge of the growth of Trump Golf portfolio of properties as well as the Trump global hotels.

Lara Trump

Born: Oct. 12, 1982
Relationship with Donald Trump: Daughter-in-law, wife of Eric Trump
She is an associated producer at the American TV news magazine "Inside Edition." She married Eric Trump on Nov. 8, 2014

Maryanne Trump Barry

Born: April 5, 1937
Relationship with Donald Trump: Sister
She is a Senior Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

Robert Trump

Born: 1948
Relationship with Donald Trump: Brother
Robert briefly managed Donald Trump’s casino ventures. Currently retired, he now lives in New York City.
Fred Trump Jr. <3 signs a contract with Murray Zaret, producer of the Pet Festival Husbandry Exposition on March 1, 1966.

Fred Trump Jr.

Born: 1938 | Died: 1981
Relationship with Donald Trump: Brother
A pilot by profession, Fred passed away at the age of 42 after a battle with alcoholism.
(Pictured) Fred Trump Jr. (L) signs a contract with Murray Zaret, producer of the Pet Festival Husbandry Exposition on March 1, 1966.

Elizabeth Trump Grau

Born: 1942
Relationship with Donald Trump: Sister
She works in the banking industry and married James Grau, a film producer, in 1989.
(Pictured) With Donald Trump Jr. in Palm Beach, Florida in February 2010.

Fred Trump

Born: 1905 | Died: 1999
Relationship with Donald Trump: Father
A real-estate developer and philanthropist, Fred built and managed single-family houses, barracks and garden apartments all over New York City.

Mary Anne Trump

Born: 1912 | Died: 2000
Relationship with Donald Trump: Mother
Born in Scotland, she met Fred Trump during a vacation in New York City.
(Pictured) Mary Anne Trump (2nd R) with her husband, Fred (L), son Robert (2nd L) and his wife, Blaine (R).

Friday, August 26, 2016

US Press Briefing on MQM vs ARY

Mark C. Toner
Deputy Spokesperson
Daily Press Briefing
Washington, DC
August 23, 2016

QUESTION: On Pakistan, sir. One question.
MR TONER: Did you – I already spoke to you once. I’ll – I want to get to them. I’ll get back to you. Don’t worry.
QUESTION: (Inaudible.) All right. Thank you.

MR TONER: Oh, of course, sir. I’m sorry.
QUESTION: Thank you very much (inaudible). Sir, yesterday, activist of a political party, MQM, in Pakistan attacked the ARY News TV head office – my organization head office – in Karachi. One person was killed; several others were injured. Sir, what are your views about the freedom of press in a country like Pakistan?
MR TONER: Well, we’re – we’ve certainly seen the reports about these incidents. Pakistani Security Forces I think have arrested several members of the MQM, the Muttahidi – Muttahida, rather, Quami Movement. Some of these members – and also sealed their headquarters. We’re also aware of yesterday’s vandalism of an ARY News office in Karachi. Obviously, the Government of Pakistan would be the best source for further information on these events. I would just say in a democratic society, critical opinion should be encouraged, not silenced. We believe that democracies become stronger by allowing free expression from diverse voices within society, and we would certainly emphasize that any expression must be peaceful.

QUESTION: Two quick ones --
MR TONER: Yeah, of course.
QUESTION: One is just a follow-up on the MQM report.
QUESTION: Do you have any concerns about the arrest of the five senior MQM leaders and the shutting down of their political headquarters? I mean, does that – are you worried that that might be sort of political – an effort to silence political – a political party, or do you think it’s just part of normal kind of law enforcement after the incident --
MR TONER: Yeah. Sure, sorry.
QUESTION: -- at the broadcaster?
MR TONER: I mean, I think we’re always concerned when members of a political party are detained or arrested. We obviously uphold the importance and believe in the importance of public assembly, freedom of speech, as long as it’s peaceful. And we would emphasize that any kind of protest, any kind of demonstrations, would need to be conducted peacefully. So I think we’re still assessing, gathering information about what took place. And we’ll reserve further comment until that time.
QUESTION: Okay. And one other --